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BBC radio network failure

On Sunday 5th August 2007 BBC Radio suffered a major breakdown in its national distribution network, affecting the Corporation's FM and AM national radio networks over much of the country. Many networks only stayed on air at all by using the last-ditch 'Rebroadcast Standby' (RBS) system, which has never been used before on this scale. This system, in which each main FM transmitter relays the next one down towards London, reduces audio quality to hissy mono and throws things like RDS traffic information out of the window. In Radio 1's case, the RBS didn't work either, causing the network to go silent over most of the country for about 35 minutes.

I've noticed a general deterioration in the BBC's technical reliability in recent years, and what seems to be an ever-increasing number of programmes spoiled by technical faults. With this in mind, I made a request to the Corporation under the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) for:

"copies of any memoranda, reports or other documents relating to the widespread failure of BBC Radio's national distribution network (feeding analogue transmitters) which occurred during the afternoon today, Sunday 5th August 2007."
In response to this I received a covering letter and copies of two emails. The latter were subjected to redactions.

Intrigued to know what Andy Baker would learn when he received his report, I made a second FoIA request for a copy of it. This is what I got in response, which was again subjected to redactions:

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